It’s an Honor Just To Be Nominated

A couple days ago my friend and online compatriot Gina, author of 30 Ways of Walking, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, a rather heartfelt and endearing prize that one receives simply by being nominated. The only “rules” of winning include paying it forward to fifteen other bloggers (15—yeesh!) and that you tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. I’m not certain I can accomplish all these tasks, but I will try.

First, though, I want to give particular thanks to Gina for nominating me. In her post on this blog she wrote: “This blog, in its original incarnation, was really my inspiration to start blogging. Sarahlitchick writes in a voice so honest; it would inspire anyone to tell their stories.” I can scarce think of a nicer comment and I’m pleased to have it come from someone who is, herself, a beautiful writer. Further, I actually think Gina and I have become better friends since she moved back to NYC and our primary communication has been digital. The Internet really does bring people together.

Seven Things About Myself:

1. I went to public school from Kindergarten to third grade but after that my parents home-schooled me through high school. Overall, I think the pros of this history outweigh the cons although I always snicker a little bit when people tell me I’m the only home-schooler they’ve met who can hold a conversation. (They obviously haven’t met my brother.)

2. I refuse to stop being in love with things I’m not particularly good at, specifically running (flat feet+weak hips=sore knees) and rock climbing (which I love even if I regularly get spit off the wall).

3. I’ve always liked music but I used to be shy about my preferences since I’m not a “music” person (in the sense of either a musician or a hipster). Since I got over that hang-up, my tastes have gotten far more eclectic.

4. I’m looking for a job! I’m hard working, smart, personable, a born organizer/collaborator, a good communicator, an able public speaker, a solid writer and editor, and about to move to the Seattle area.

5. I have a sweet, funny, goofy, rambunctious, loveable yellow lab mix named Molly Bloom/Snow who SHEDS an UNHOLY amount.

6. I cannot make it through the day without coffee.

7. I recently defended my dissertation on novels and the First World War and just this weekend returned ALL OF MY LIBRARY BOOKS!


Without further ado…

Fifteen “Versatile Blogger” Nominees:

1. Smitten Kitchen‘s drool-inducing recipes, beautiful photography, and approachable voice make her one of my favorite food bloggers. Further, I have never not had one of her recipes turn out absolutely delicious.

2. Gina also nominated Shorn Rapunzel’s Blackberry Eating in Late September but she deserves to be nominated twice for her fun, delicious, and decidedly normal approach to making and eating food.

3. Perhaps it’s self-serving to nominate Girls Like Giants since I sometimes write for them but, truthfully, I consider it an honor to be allowed to set my writing and ideas alongside the fun, versatile, and brilliant work of the GLG creators and contributors with their ever-savvy commentary on media and pop culture.

4. Climbing Narc: the web’s favorite dumping ground for climbing-related news and information.

5. She updates only sporadically but even the archives of Hyperbole and a Half reward revisits.

6. The personal blog of my friend Allison, Allie’s Pensieve, gives a glimpse into the life of a doctor in Kodiak, Alaska living with her husband, dog, cats, and—now—chickens!

7. Also on the climbing front, the seasonal-daily El Cap Reports temper the beauty of the photography with delightful, snarky commentary.

8. For interesting links and discussions of feminism, Philosophy, academia, and the like, check out Feminist Philosopher.

9. Errant Ventures brings you photography, music, news related to labor and mining in the US, and occasional general geekery.

10. And the Cognitive Turn provides commentary on cognitive science, literature, and teaching—sometimes together, sometimes separate, always smart.

11. Check out Two Men Enter for (most frequently) intelligent musings on dystopian, utopian, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic narratives of all kinds.

12. I cannot fail to mention the ever hilarious Fug Girls.

13. Okay, I admit it. I still read Dooce.

14 and 15. I’ll call these honorable mentions since they aren’t really blogs but The Versatile PhD site and #Alt-Academy both do great work supporting, discussing, aiding, and creating the world of non-academic careers and contributions for PhDs.


Whew! I really didn’t think I’d make it to 15 and yet here we are. Thanks for reading!

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